Riddles, Enigmas & Esoteric Imagery of Revelation

April 6, 2014


When we were last together I claimed that you can understand the book of Revelation…and you will by walking the path of a news-hound, nosey for facts, asking a lot of questions that can and will be answered on our quest together.

If someone becomes curious about the book of Revelation, whether Christian or non-Christian, the seeker probably checks out any number of Christian television networks, radio programs, or purchases an end-time book from thousands of choices, to see what they say on the subject.

I can guarantee you that all of the Christian television networks, and all of the major Christian radio programs will basically teach the same end-time doctrine. Some authors or teachers have a flare for the dramatic, so put a stylized spin on their teaching, or reveals some Hebrew or Greek meaning for an in-depth presentation, but the end result is the same. When I tune in I ask myself, “Are they clones – does not one of these fine eschatology teachers have an original thought?”

My hunger for the truth about end-time matters goes back to 1973, after I read my first end-time book. I had been devouring the Bible for about a year by the time I read this very popular book. This author had been purported to be a “scholar” so his well researched book was to be accepted as revolutionary truth regarding the end of times. So this new Christian, myself, eager to learn from the scholars, read his book from cover-to-cover.

As I worked my way through the book, I highlighted information that I believed contradicted the scriptures that I had been studying so hungrily. What me…a new Christian…what did I know? How dare I challenge a scholar!! Well, it wasn’t with meanness that I verbalized my challenge out loud in my living room, but rather with curiosity, as to how he drew his conclusions, if there was scripture that contradicted his summarization of the matter.

I really don’t want to be gullible, and so enamored with a Bible teacher or pastor, that I lose perspective. No one Christian has all truth – only Jesus Christ has all truth. As a researcher of truth on any subject in the Bible, I want to hear all sides and ideas on the matter – don’t you? We must never be close-minded, especially on end-time future events — because which Bible teacher or author really knows the future? If you said…none of them…you would be correct.

Consider yourself – do you know what tomorrow will bring your way? I hope you said…no!! While you may have a skeletal outline of a plan for your life, that’s why you go to college or a trade school, but you really do not know what tomorrow will bring to your life.

So how do all of the end-time teachers and preachers, sit in these round-table discussions on television and radio, and with absolute assurance lay out the future end-time events of the world? Does that not bother you, at least a little bit? Hmmm…it does me. If they can’t even predict tomorrows events in their own lives, how can they predict future events of the whole world…and with emphatic clarity?

Jesus said that we are to watch for the signs of the times – He tells us things in advance, so that when the event comes to pass, we will remember that He told us – and believe.

The next time we are together, I will take you back in time, about 100 years, for a little history lesson that will explain how this modern end-time doctrine, which you hear 24/7 on Christian broadcasting, books, and Internet, originated. Stay tuned…


God’s sheep question the doctrines of men…sheeple follow without question…


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