Part 4 – Riddles, Enigmas & Esoteric Imagery of Revelation

Sunday, April 20, 2014

When we were last together we began our quest to find out “who is the Antichrist?” The word Antichrist is not found in the book of Revelation, but the theory of a future Antichrist was purported in the Scofield Reference Bible published in 1909, and adopted by the seminaries of America soon after. I believe we debunked the theory proposed by some pastors, influenced by this doctrine in their seminary education, that Benito Mussolini was the Antichrist.
I don’t know Cyrus Scofield’s motive for introducing this false end-time doctrine, but I do know that he was a lawyer…hmmm…does that tell us anything? He had to resign his position as U.S. District Attorney in Kansas, suspected of taking bribes. Later he was jailed on forgery charges. He abandoned his two children, refusing them financial support – admitting that he drank too much alcohol.
Mr. Scofield gleaned his end-time doctrine from the writings of an itinerant preacher from Britain – John Darby. Many eschatologists in Europe are amazed that Americans so easily accepted the newfangled doctrine of Mr. Darby, whom they had rejected as a false teacher. Did I mention that Mr. Darby was a lawyer, too?
In the last fifty years, the market has been flooded with books and movies interpreting the visions of Revelation with scary images of monsters, or human beings with large numbers stamped on their foreheads and forearms. These authors and movie producers believe that most of the Revelation and Daniel have not come to pass as yet. This means that their published works are interpreting prophecy of scripture, which the Apostle Peter said is not for private interpretation. If they disobey this admonition, how accurate can they be?
I can answer that question – they will be as accurate as you will be if you try to predict the events in your own future. This seems like a common sense deduction to me, but apparently not for ninety-nine percent of the Christian community, who bet their lives on their favorite end-time speculative doctrine, and call anyone else heretical that may have a different viewpoint.
How incensed would you be if I told you that most of the prophecy of the Revelation has already come to pass, while some are in the process of fulfillment? Early Biblical historians have documented – names, dates, places – for their fulfillment. I know this may be a new, even radical concept to you, so I hope you don’t delete my blog before your curiosity is peaked. Why not check out what these historians have to say about the Revelation – you have nothing to lose.
Since this study will take some time to reveal all the proof that I have to offer, let me give you a teaser. Did you know that Martin Luther proved that he experienced the fulfillment of Revelation chapters 13, 17, and 18? Not only in his extensive writings, but also in his drawings, Martin Luther revealed that he personally knew the “man of sin” depicted in II Thessalonians 2:3. Yes, prophecy of scripture is understood in its fulfillment. 
Why have modern end-time scholars simply disregarded the proof that Martin Luther provided to the generations that would follow him? I will answer that question – it doesn’t fit into Mr. Scofield’s and Mr. Darby’s narrative of some scary Antichrist who will take over the world someday.
If we believed the historical documentation of Martin Luther, we would also have to believe that Daniel’s seventy-week vision has also been fulfilled – by 70 A.D. The historian Flavius Josephus has already proven it has been fulfilled, all 70 weeks, and I will supply you that documentation.
So where did this doctrine of some future Antichrist originate? Actually it originated in Martin Luther’s time. Stay tuned…
God’s sheep question the doctrines of men…sheeple follow without question…

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