Locust Army – Part 26 of Riddles, Enigmas and Esoteric Imagery of Revelation

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Locust Army – Part 26 of Riddles, Enigmas & Esoteric Imagery of Revelation

This is our fourth and final segment on the identity of the Man of Sin…Son of Perdition…Lawless One – revealing how the Apostle Paul’s prophecy on this subject was completely fulfilled during the 1000-year reign of the Holy Roman Empire…II Thes. 2:1-12.

When we were last together I asked if you knew what Paul meant when he said, that when the lawless one is revealed he will be destroyed…with the brightness of His coming…II Thes. 2:8.  Martin Luther ripped away the blanket of deception, revealing the Man of Sin, who controlled the Holy Roman empire, by publicly exposing his antichrist activities.

This apostate religious empire truly violated God’s commandment to walk in His righteousness as leaders of His flock. Instead of teaching that a believer in Jesus Christ becomes the temple (residence) of God, the Pope became the temple of God. Their followers were required to worship an antichrist in a man-made temple of God. Only the leadership had access to the scriptures, which was imperative to preserve their lies.

In 1522 Martin Luther printed a Bible for the common man to read the truth about salvation. In this Bible Luther had pictures. On the head of the woman sitting on the scarlet beast, he drew the papal tiara, indicting that this vision was fulfilled by the paganism of the Man of Sin, who ruled the Holy Roman Empire…Rev. 17:3

When the people read for themselves that they had been taught a counterfeit Christianity, they bolted from the empire. There was a mass exodus of millions of people, all over the world, stampeding out of the Dark Ages of false religious doctrines, because of the brightness of His coming to the people who had never heard that salvation was a free gift from God.

The light of God’s truth exposed the dark doctrines of demons that had led men away from Jesus Christ. When light is shed upon darkness, the darkness – Man of Sin – is taken out of the way, just as Paul predicted…II Thes. 2:7. The great Reformation advanced because the truth preached by God’s faithful servants repudiated the lies, superstitions, tyranny, and terror that had ruled spiritually ignorant men during the Dark Ages.

The Man of Sin exalted himself above all that is called God, becoming God on Earth to the citizens of the Holy Roman Empire, who were required to worship him. By the preaching of the true gospel of salvation during the great Reformation, the Man of Sin was…consumed with the breath of His mouth and destroyed with the brightness of His coming. The light of God’s truth had come to the people living in the darkness of a false religious doctrine.

The new believers in Christ were called Protestants – protesters of false religious doctrines – and established their own churches free from the rule of the Holy Roman Empire. Because people were reading the Bible, they were accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior and sharing this truth with others, causing this movement to spread like wildfire across the globe

Revival broke out everywhere and nothing could contain it. The eventual collapse of this empire was inevitable, as the Man of Sin gradually lost his power and influence. Through the mighty Reformation, Paganism was crushed for a period of time, as people across the planet reveled in their new-found joy of the Lord and His salvation. The seventh head (empire) of the seven-headed beast was now defeated.

It took about three centuries for the church to divide into many denominations, causing them to return to familiar rituals and ceremonies – works of the flesh – for salvation. The passionate fires of the Reformation, and subsequent Great Awakening, was eventually reduced to mere embers.  Because of this, Paganism reared its ugly head again, precipitating the rise of the Eighth Beast, who is ruling every government on planet earth in the 21st century.

While I described the Eighth Beast in Part 7 of this study, there is more about the works of this beast, and who it is using as its ‘muscle’ to subdue and/or eliminate global citizens. As we proceed, I will define the esoteric imagery and symbolism used to reveal who the 8th beast is using to cause the global citizens to submit to its power and authority – or die!

Who are the Locusts from the Bottomless pit in Revelation chapter 9?  Hint:  they are a violent and vicious army.  How does the Locust Army correlate with the dragon, beast, and false prophet of the river Euphrates territory in Revelation chapter 16?   Hint:  a revered prophets’ false religious doctrine originated in the territory of the river Euphrates. Stay tuned…

God’s sheep question the doctrines of men…sheeple follow without question…


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