Iniquities of Believers – Part 31 of Riddles, Enigmas & Esoteric Imagery of Revelation

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Iniquities of Believers – Part 31 of Riddles, Enigmas & Esoteric Imagery of Revelation

As we proceed in our study of Revelation chapter 9, we will see that the grief imposed by the Locust Army will no longer be contained in the countries surrounding the Euphrates River.  Then the sixth angel sounded:  And heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” verses 13-14.

Horns symbolize seat of power. Multiple horns symbolize that greater authority and power will be released during the 6th trumpet blast. The number four symbolizes there will be a change in the heavens or the earth. Horns of the golden altar of God in Heaven symbolize that what is coming upon the earth through the hands of the Locust Army is approved and permitted by the Creator, who resides in Heaven.

Because the iniquities (paganism) of believers have separated them from God, who will do anything to bring them back to intimacy with Him, He has no choice but to allow the consequences of their sins to befall them. The sins of God’s Church (believers) have allowed the siege of the Locust Army to tramp across the planet into developed “Christian” nations.

During this time of severe violence and cruelty, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ must run to Him for refuge and surrender their total allegiance to Him. Repentance allows God to protect His kids, while granting them wisdom in facing this violent enemy of Jesus Christ.

So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind…verse 15. A third symbolizes divine judgment. The angels are permitted to release the Locust Army across the whole planet to infect the whole world with their false religious doctrine – sting of the scorpion.

By the time in history when this prophecy was ready to begin its fulfillment, the Locust Army had already developed into a ferocious formidable foe – great enough in numbers, wealth, and commerce – to be a persuasive and influential force of competition with other empires of the world — oil.

The Euphrates River is 1,780 miles long connecting many of the mid-eastern countries. It flowed through the ancient city of Babylon — idolatry center of the world. The origin of the doctrine of the licentious Locust Army has its roots planted deeply in this ancient occult region of the world, where the Babylonians worshiped false gods – rejecting the true God – I AM.

And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand…verse 16. The Greek word for thousand in this text is murias meaning:  myriad; thousands upon thousands; or indefinite number. Even the translator is unsure of the true meaning of the original language. Since we don’t have a literal calculation of this migratory army of religious zealots, we can understand why they are symbolized by the locust insect – an innumerable destroying force.

And thus I saw the horses in the vision and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone; and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone – by these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths – for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt…verses 17-19.

When Jesus Christ appeared to John describing the Locust Army, He provided so much detail as to their identity – but only if the symbolism is defined can we see clearly and understand the message. In these three verses we must take our time to delineate the information packed into the symbolism.

The characteristics of the Locust Army revealed in the symbolism, distinguishes them from all other armies on the earth, while describing their ferocity after they were released to infiltrate every nation of the world with their sinister false religious doctrine, implemented by lies, intimidation and force.

What does fire, brimstone and smoke symbolize? Stay tuned…

God’s sheep question the doctrines of men…sheeple follow without question…


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