Daniel’s 70-Week Vision Series #17 – Part 93 of Riddles, Enigmas & Esoteric Imagery of Revelation

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daniel’s 70-Week Vision Series #17 – Part 93 of Riddles, Enigmas & Esoteric Imagery of Revelation

The last time were together in this series I asked, “How do we know that Titus is the fulfillment of the predictions in the 70th week of Daniel’s vision?” In order to answer this question, we must turn to historical documentation NOT the Scofield Reference Bible that presented false conclusions regarding Daniel’s vision, establishing the false end-time doctrine embraced by mainline denominations today.

Commander Titus perfectly fulfilled the 70th week of Daniel’s vision described in Daniel 9:27…and one week shall establish the covenant with many:  and in the midst of the week my sacrifice and drink-offering shall be taken away:  and on the temple shall be the abomination of desolations; and at the end of the time an end shall be put to the desolation…Septuagint translation.

General Vespasian, father of Titus, had been sent to Jerusalem by Emperor Nero to quell the sedition of the Jews.  When he first arrived with his army, he stayed on the outside of the city to set up fortifications that would protect him and his men from assaults, once the inevitable war heats up.

In order to establish his authority and power, General Vespasian killed over a thousand young men of the sedition when he first arrived, plundered their belongs, and took captive their families.  This was a forewarning to the seditionists of more to come if they continued their insurrection against Rome.

Before General Vespasian returned to Cesarea, he left many of his armed forces around the city to prevent the citizens of Jerusalem from escaping, then went home.  Months later, when he was preparing his army for his final march on Jerusalem, Emperor Nero suddenly and unexpectedly died on June 9, 68 A.D.

Vespasian’s son Titus was in Greece when Nero died, but was already on the road toward home in Cesarea when he got the message.  Titus told Josephus the historian, that he had been directed to go home by divine inspiration.  General Vespasian immediately returned to Rome to become Emperor, so he sent his son, Commander Titus, to finish the war against Israel at Jerusalem.

By the time Commander Titus arrived in Jerusalem, the seditionists had rebelled against the Roman army left as guards by General Vespasian months earlier.  Since the Jewish people had been held captive behind their wall for so long, they had not been able to refresh their supplies – animals or produce – from the farmers.  Because of this hardship, they had eaten their previously stored supplies.  Now there were no animals left for the daily sacrifice, nor enough priests to offer it.

This war began at the Feast of the Passover, after multitudes of Jews – two to three million – had arrived in the city from all parts of Judea to celebrate this great festival.  This number included the people who had fled to Jerusalem for protection after Vespasian’s armies had plundered their towns and villages in other parts of Israel.

The Roman’s had no personal interest in the religious temple rituals or celebration of the feasts of the Jewish people, but Commander Titus Vespasian was an exception.  Josephus the historian, also a close friend of Titus, records how Titus had great respect for the sacred feast celebrations, and that he revered their temple and other holy sites.

How did Titus acquire his reverence for the religious system of the Jewish people?  Was it after he received divine prophetic messages from Flavius Josephus?  Flavius Josephus fought against Rome, was captured, and thrown in a dungeon at the palace.  God gave him several prophetic messages, but one was fulfilled quickly.  Josephus told Titus how his dad would suddenly be promoted to Emperor, which happened.  Because of this, Titus released Josephus from prison and gave him a home, considering him a respected friend from that day forward.  This is how we will get an intimate look at the heart of Commander Titus – the prince that is coming…Dan. 9:26.

We do know that Titus received divine guidance to take his father’s place to finish the war at Jerusalem.  God knew that Titus would never destroy the city he revered, unless forced into it.  Because of his unusual respect for the Jewish people, their temple, and their holy celebrations, Commander Titus personally offered a covenant to Israel…one week shall establish the covenant with many. 

What was the covenant offered by Titus during the one week – 70th week – of Daniel’s vision?  Stay tuned…

God’s sheep question the doctrines of men…sheeple follow without question~~~


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